Competitiveness declining in Denmark, report says

Economic experts have said that Denmark is becoming less competitive. The news came last week via the World Economic Forum, which said in its Global Competitiveness Report for 2012-2013 that the Scandinavian country had dropped from its previous 8th position to 12th.

Officials from the organisation said that 100 countries were ranked on a number of factors, notably the level and quality of education and healthcare.

The drop marks the second consecutive year that Denmark has fallen in the rankings.

Hanne Shapiro said on behalf of the Danish Technological Institute, Denmark’s partner with the World Economic forum, that, “Denmark was quickly overtaken this year and the report indicates that Denmark is in dire need of strengthening its level of education in the coming years,” the Copenhagen Post reports.

Shapiro added, “Trust in the political system and its ability to react to the crisis is also being eroded, which makes its communication with the average Dane even more important.”

But despite the drop, World Economic Forum officials said in the document that Denmark has retained its preparedness in terms of technology and that it continues to offer a diverse job market.

Coming in first, second and third place were Switzerland, Singapore and Finland, respectively.