BMW leases space with Verne Global at Ásbrú Enterprise Park in Iceland

German car manufacturer BMW has leased space with Verne Global at the Ásbrú Enterprise Park in Keflavík, Iceland, in order to host the company’s data roaming supercomputers.

BMW has enlisted Verne Global to run the company’s powerful data roaming supercomputers which will be used by BMW engineers for the designing of new automobiles.

Representatives at BMW say that Iceland is the perfect place to house its supercomputers due to the country’s unlimited renewable energy, cool temperatures, and reliable communications.

The Ásbrú Enterprise Park, in Keflavík, Iceland, has been redeveloped from the abandoned North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) air force base, originally closed in 2006 – Verne Global holds a centre converted from ammunition storage depots.

The data centre’s use Iceland’s vast supply of hydroelectric and geothermal energy, and also takes advantage of the country’s cool climate, which allows for free cooling all year round. Modular specialist Colt customized the data centre’s hall design, equipping it with cooling modules that allow to cool servers using air from outside the data centre.

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