Actor Russell Crowe leaves Iceland “addicted“ to Skyr

Australian actor Russell Crowe confessed last Friday his weakness for Iceland‘s famous dairy product Skyr, tweeting “I seem to have left Iceland with an addiction to Skyr… can you buy it anywhere else in the world?”

The Oscar-winning star was in Iceland shooting his upcoming film Noah under the direction of Darren Aronofsky. Crowe‘s visit didn‘t go unnoticed as he was tweeting on a regular basis about his whereabouts and daytime activities on the island, which he described as a “very special place, pleasant and breathtaking”.

When not on the Noah film set, Russell Crowe seemed to have spent most of his free time working out at the gym in Reykjavík or hiking in the south of Iceland. The physical exercise could explain the actor’s “addiction” to Skyr – a dairy product similar to strained yogurt made exclusively in Iceland from organic cow milk.

Due to its high protein and low fat content, Skyr is ideal for active people as a supplement for a healthy lifestyle. The centuries old Icelandic yogurt, which is regarded as a national treasure by many, certainly contributes to making Icelanders the people in Europe with the longest lifespan.

Russell Crowe will find the answer to his question as to where to buy Skyr outside of Iceland on the website