Young Norwegians losing summer jobs to Swedes

Fresh research has shown that Swedes are making it more difficult for Norwegian teens to find work.

Figures compiled by Camilla Sundt for a master’s degree thesis have revealed that Swedish immigrants are taking an increasing amount of posts for jobseekers aged 17-18. However, Sundt admitted to reporters from the Aftenposten newspaper that more research was needed.

Meanwhile, Swedes say that many Norwegian businesses would not be able to function properly without immigrant workers from the neighbouring nation to the east.

Johanna Melin, a Swedish food server working in Norway, said, “It would be extremely difficult to staff the restaurants and shops in Oslo without us,” the reports. She went on to say that the intent is not to steal jobs from locals, but added “I think I cannot feel guilty as long as we are going through the same application process”.

Likewise, Thor Bendik Weider of the Manpower recruitment agency told Aftenposten that it is actually difficult to find Norwegian workers for many warehouse posts but that there are plenty of Swedes willing to fill the roles.

However, Bernt Bratsberg, a supervisor for Camilla Sundt, said that the news shows that Norwegian teens are missing out on important workplace experience.