Sweden’s Nordén awarded silver following photo finish

Triathlete Lisa Nordén was barely edged out in a dramatic photo finish for the gold in the women’s final triathlon on Saturday.

Judges confirmed after examining the photo that Nicola Spirig of Switzerland crossed the finish line before Nordén by a distance of 15cm, forcing the Swede to settle for the silver. She was two seconds ahead of bronze medallist Erin Densham of Australia.

The finish was so close that a time of 1:59:48 was recorded for both athletes.

Sports director Anders Wiggerud of the Swedish Olympic Committee said in a statement, “We won’t contest the decision. We have looked at the images and the Swiss contestant is ahead. It is tight but clear,” The Local reports.

Experts say that the win comes in spite of Nordén coming through a long battle with substantial injuries in recent weeks that had been severely threatening her performance abilities for the London Games.

Captain of the Swedish athletics team Thomas Viker said during an interview with Sveriges Radio, “Lisa’s journey over the last few months has been spectacular considering her injuries. And she still managed to pull it off. We have shed so many tears.”