Mum attempts suicide jump with baby in Stockholm

A mother is suspected of attempted murder after allegedly trying to commit suicide with her baby in arms in Stockholm at the weekend. Reports said that the 33-year-old woman tried to end her own life whilst holding her three-month-old baby as she jumped from an overpass bridge in the central part of the Swedish capital on Saturday.

Officials said that, although both the child and mother survived the fall, they remain in intensive care in a local hospital.

Kjell Lindgren of the Stockholm Police Department said in a statement, “The medical situation [of] the woman and child is that they are in intensive care and we have not been able to hold any interviews with her,” the daily newspaper Aftonbladet reports.

Police say that no other individuals are suspected of being involved in the crime. Mr Lindgren told media on Tuesday, “As I see it, this is a family tragedy when something like this occurs… that both survive is the most important thing.”

The ordeal, which police have filed as an attempted murder on the woman’s child, took place at around 9:00 on Saturday morning at the Slussen junction, one of Stockholm’s busiest transport intersections.