Sponsor: zoo fed my piglets to the tiger

A man who adopted piglets at a Swedish zoo has reported it to the Consumer Agency after his charges were fed to the resident tigers without his consent.

Parken Zoo in Eskilstuna, eastern Sweden, has been running a scheme for the past 15 years whereby members of the public can sponsor individual animals.

“We see our sponsors as a very important part of this preservation project, and we’re very clear on our website that their money will go towards those animals,” Helena Olsson from the zoo told The Local. She stressed, however, that as the centre is a haven for endangered species, other more common animals are often sent to the slaughter.

“Our predators are carnivores, and we think it’s great if we can return the pigs, who’ve lived a heavenly life in the park, to the circle of life,” Ms Olsson explained to Expressen.

The unlucky swines were part of a group of 20 that were turned into tiger food. In accordance to the zoo’s usual procedures, the animals’ sponsors were only told of their fate once they were digested.