Polish private eye snatches another child

A notorious Polish private investigator who specialises in ‘rescuing’ children who have been taken into care has struck again in Norway, reuniting a 13 year-old boy with his biological mother.

Krzysztof Rutkowski, who in June took a nine year-old girl from her foster parents in Larvik Vestford in a dramatic, ‘Rambo-style’ abduction, has told Polish media that a Russian boy living with a foster family in Oslo contacted him for help.

“A boy called me and wept profusely,” said Rutkowski. ”He said he was in Oslo and that he had read in newspapers and online about how I rescued a Polish girl who lived with a foster family.”

The private investigator, who has previously been imprisoned for making illegal arrests, met the boy at a gym before whisking him away to Poland in a convoy of unmarked cars. It is believed that the teenager was unhappy about being separated from his mother, whose mental health is reportedly a concern for authorities.

The mother’s Norwegian lawyer told Dagbladet newspaper, “This [case] was up for the County Appeals Board in the autumn. The boy was placed at a secret address as an emergency measure. I was in contact with my client last Wednesday, but have not heard anything about this. It came as a surprise.

“The boy has always said he wants to go home to his mother. He has been clear from day one. I have asked him to get a spokesperson, but he has not been given one and one should have been present when the emergency decision was considered by the Regional Appeals Board,” the lawyer continued.

A police officer from the area where the boy was living admitted they were still in the dark. “We know the family and have investigated an internal conflict before, but are unaware of these latest developments,” he said.

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