Tours in Iceland: ATV adventures and more

Iceland’s rugged terrain allows adventure seekers to choose from a range of thrilling tours in Iceland, especially ATV tours with leading travel provider, Nordic Travel.

ATV quad biking provides adrenaline junkies with a fantastic sense of freedom and a unique way to see Iceland. Nordic Travel offers ATV tours centred near Iceland’s capital city, Reykjavik, in an area perfect for biking due to its combination of challenging terrain and easy, safer routes – Nordic Travel use Yamaha Grizzly 700cc “super sized” (2008 model) ATV quad bikes.

Upon arrival at the Nordic Travel headquarters, visitors are provided with protective gear and garments, while a guide goes over safety rules and gives instructions on handling the bikes.

In addition to offering adventure tours in Iceland, Nordic Travel specialises in individual travel. The company can make arrangements for travellers either with their own car or with a rented car, and in different classes of accommodation (good hotels, moderate hotels or guesthouses). Nordic Travel also provides comprehensive route descriptions and hotel descriptions for each separate booking.

Furthermore, Nordic Travel arranges group tours and other kinds of travel in Iceland, including conferences, incentive tours and more.

To find out more about tours in Iceland, including adventure tours and ATV tours, visit

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