Police inaction after Nazi beach stoning

Denmark’s justice minister has ordered a full report after it emerged that police declined to investigate when a family with Indian roots was stoned and chased from a beach by Nazi-saluting youths.

Police in Aarhus, eastern Denmark, said there was not enough evidence to record anything more than a breach of the peace after the family was forced to flee the area by the right-wing extremists.

The Danish family sought shelter between summerhouses when the youths began to pelt stones at them while making Nazi salutes. A witness phoned the police when she saw the attack, while the traumatised family managed to take a photograph of the youths’ vehicle, which was plastered with right-wing slogans, as it sped off.

Despite this, when police arrived in the area a whole hour and a half later, they said they could not investigate the matter further.

Speaking to Berlingske newspaper, justice minister Lars Barfoed said, “I can fully understand that the family concerned finds the police reaction strange and I will be asking the police for an explanation.”