Danish weather too cold for penguins

As the cold snap continues to tighten its grip across Denmark, even the penguins in the country’s zoos are reportedly feeling the chill. This winter is expected to be the coldest in years across many parts of Europe with heavy snowfall already closing Copenhagen Airport earlier this week.

But while people across the continent can wrap up warm against the elements, many of the country’s non-native zoo animals have been left out in the cold. Bengt Holst, scientific director at Frederiksberg Zoo in eastern Denmark, said some species are finding it particularly hard to adjust.

“Our elephants can get frost-bitten ears in this weather, so we try not to keep them outside for too long,” he told public broadcaster DR, adding that even animals usually associated with the cold are struggling with the extreme conditions.

“Our penguins come from Chile, so they’re used to a warmer climate. If it gets any colder than it is now, we’ll have to take them inside,” he said. “You wouldn’t really expect that with penguins, but we’ve had to do it in past years when it got too cold for them.”

According to Holst, musk oxen, wolves and polar bears on the other hand are thriving in the chilly climes.  “They are looking particularly good these days because their fur has thickened a bit in the cold weather,” he said.