Denmark mulls ban on vicious dog breeds

polar-bearAfter a recent spate of vicious dog attacks on humans, Denmark’s parliament looks set to finally pass a long-simmering ban on breeds of dog that are considered dangerous. The debate over this touchy issue has been going for many months, with the country’s Justice Ministry even creating a special commission to study the problem.

But after three violent dog attacks in as many days, a complete ban on certain breeds will almost surely be passed by the Danish government before the end of the year. The latest incidents involved a Staffordshire terrier and an American bulldog, both of which are breeds that have become quite trendy in Denmark in recent years.

The Copenhagen Post states the ban has solid support from both the Liberal and Conservative parties within the government. In addition to the ban, the proposal would also make breeding, importing and selling violent dog breeds illegal.

Earlier in the year, the Justice Ministry committee studying the issue came up with a list of breeds that should be outlawed, as well as the rules that would pertain to cross breed dogs. Dog owners naturally feel that the ban would unfairly punish owners of well-behaved pitbulls.

The number of certain dangerous dogs in Denmark has skyrocketed in recent years. Just seven years ago, there were around 1,000 Staffordshire terriers and pitbulls in Denmark. But today, the Danish Kennel Club estimates that number stands at around 20,000.

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