Saab sales in Sweden hit rock bottom

SaabIt’s not a good time to be a car dealer in Sweden. The lingering economic recession affected consumer car sales to the tune of a 13.9 percent drop in new car registrations in July, year-on-year. The total of 14,512 new car registrations in July represents a 25 per cent fewer car sales compared to last year.

The special interest group Bil Sweden has been monitoring the situation, but its CEO Bertil Molden remains optimistic, claiming: “There is much to suggest that we have got over the worst.”

Volvo actually managed to increase the number of new cars it sold in July compared to last year. Its 2,985 new car registrations figure is 13 per cent higher than in July 2008. Saab, however, is suffering the most. It only managed to sell 391 new cars in all of Sweden in July. This marks a massive 71.8 percent drop from its sales in July 2008; and for the entire year to date it marks a 63.9 percent decrease in new car sales.

The Local reports that Bertil Molden has called on Sweden’s government to take bolder steps in stimulating its auto industry. “Although we can see a levelling off of the sharp drop on the auto market we are still way below normal levels for car registrations,” he said.

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