Direct flights from Iceland to Seattle began yesterday

seattle skylineFor the first time ever, direct flights between Iceland’s international airport Keflavik and Seattle-Tacoma in the United States began yesterday by Iceland’s national flag carrier airline, Icelandair. The flight lasted about 7 to 8 hours in a Boeing 757-200 (TF-FIA). When the aircraft was departing to Seattle from Keflavik, the inbound flights from Mainland Europe flew around in a circle over Reykjavik and the capital area before touching down in Keflavik. The old DC-3, otherwise known as Pall Sveinsson, also joined them.

The Icelandair aircraft was greeted in Seattle by a water arch, which is usually common for celebration flights for aircraft. The aircraft departing around 17:00 (5pm) local and GMT time from Iceland. It will continue flights 4 times a week. This flight produced more sales for Icelandair then they expected it would.


(Photo/Vilhljalmur Thor Bjarnason)icelandair seattle-tacoma

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