Ögurkirkja Church in Iceland celebrates 150 years today

ogurkikjaA church in the West Fjords of Iceland (Northwestern part of the country) celebrates 150 years of existance today. The church is called in Icelandic Ögurkirkja, which could directly translate into English as “Rocky Inlet Church”.

The celebration for the church’s anniversary will take place on Saturday the 8th of August at 14.00 (2pm) local and GMT time.

The church was built in the year 1859 by Thuridur Thidriksdottir (Þuríður Þiðriksdóttir) and her foster son. There were only three people that built the church and it was preserved in 1990. It is close to the city of Isafjordur (Ísafjörður) located in the northwestern part of the country.

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