Parliament discusses EU membership today

euThe Icelandic Parliament, known locally as Althingi, will have a meeting today at 10:30 local time (UTC 0).  The main focus will be discussion about membership in the European Union. This talk has been going on for quite some time and opinions are rather split and mixed about joining the EU. The Social Democratic Alliance is pushing for EU membership, which the Prime Minister Jóhanna Sigurdardottir is part of, while the other main party of the government, the Left-Green Movement, are against joining the EU.

Iceland has never formally applied for EU membership, though Iceland is part of the EEA and EFTA (European Free Trade Association).

Update: After the meeting today, the Icelandic Parliament decided and will plan to submit an application to join the European Union on 27 July 2009, at the end of this month. The majority of Members of Parliament, mostly from the Social Democrats today, voted on immediate negotiations of EU membership for Iceland.

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