Swamp Soccer on the Canon homepage

swampballA great number of foreigners have been taking interest in an Icelandic sport of Swamp Soccer or Swampball, better known as Mýrarbolti. A Czech photographer, David Bernard, visited the event in Iceland and has taken photos of this traditional sport being played. His photo album was posted on the Canon website.Many tourists that are traveling around Iceland often ask and try to find out how they can take part in this competition. The sport is basically like football only played in piles of mud. This sport is definitley not a clean one. It is also often played at the Verslunmannahelgi event (Labour Weekend) in Vestmannaeyjar the first weekend in August.

A website can be found in English that foreigners use to learn more about how they can participate in the event during their travels in Iceland. This website can be found here. You can find David’s Canon photoshow of Swamp Soccer in Iceland here.

Even during difficult times and economic crisis, events still go on in Iceland leaving the citizens to appreciate life and culture and carrying on fun and exciting (and of course muddy) traditions.


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