Dildos rain down at Stockholm ice hockey match

ice-hockeyThe message was unmistakable as fans of the Stockholm-based ice hockey team AIK expressed their distaste for former AIK player Jan Huokko when his new team the Leksand hockey club visited their arena. Obscene banners filled the stands, a giant inflatable penis made its rounds, and dozens of dildos were hurled at the visiting team as they took to the ice.

The target of the ire was the stocky defensive player, Jan Huokko, whose video-taped sexual exploits with his girlfriend made it onto the Internet. Huokko filmed himself and his girlfriend in action using his mobile phone. When that phone was subsequently stolen, it didn’t take long for the steamy video clip to make its way into the public domain.

In his defence, Huokko showed no shame, stating “it was a private thing between me and my girl. That’s what people do when it comes to sex.” The Expressen newspaper learned that AIK’s fan club had told its members to bring dildos to the match against Leksand in a not-so-subtle reminder of Huokko’s exploits.

Before the match even began the ice was littered with the sex toys, delaying the game as workers tried to clear the playing surface. Huokko and his team had to endure a near-continuous barrage of verbal harassment throughout the game, which they ended up losing 3-2. But at least Jan Huokko still has his dignity and appeared unembarrassed by the whole affair.

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