Iceland is obviously quite a bit cheaper these days says Times Online

“Iceland is obviously quite a bit cheaper than it was this time last year, mainly because the whole country went bust.” This is how a text in an article at the Times Online today and goes on saying “But is Iceland really the sort of place you want to go for some cheering winter sun?”. Then the Times Online reporter Matt Rudd writes about 20 hours of darkness and cheap vodka.

Iceland might not have the cheering winter sun but it has the beauty of its nature, the Northern lights, geothermal heating, great (now cheap) restaurants and a nightlife well worth exploring. Then there are the shops, not only is it much cheaper to shop now but you also get the VAT back, not the whole 24,5% but close.

We at IceNews looked at the possibilities for flights and accommodation in Reykjavik Iceland and found that there are two airlines flying to Iceland and  and for hotels and guesthouses in Reykjavik try Hotels Iceland.

We might also want to say that Iceland has much more daylight than four hours, it’s close to that in Manchester at the moment; and finally the country has not quite gone bust: Icelanders are still standing tall.

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