Iceland experiencing positive side effect of economic crisis

Iceland from satteliteWhile temperatures are now falling below zero, Iceland is becoming an increasingly interesting destination as the exchange rate for Icelandic krona has melted and now makes it more affordable for tourists all over the world.

Tourist agencies record 400% and higher demands for trips to Iceland, even though the tourist season finished more than a month ago.

Iceland was traditionally perceived as an expensive destination, which does not seem to be valid these days and the meltdown of Icelandic krona is changing the perception of Iceland as an expensive destination.

Although prices for food, drink and accommodation have not changed at all, their equivalent in other currencies melt due to the devaluation of Icelandic krona.

The Google trends have shown a remarkable increase in searches for Iceland hotels and Iceland news and we reported thirteen times more people visiting IceNews as soon as the financial crisis started.

The following graphs show the trends of Google for the specific key phrases:

Google trends: Iceland hotels

Increase in the search for ‘iceland hotels’ in

Google trends: iceland news

Trend of the search for ‘iceland news’ in

Now it seems that one of the mayor and substantial incomes for Iceland economy in the upcoming months may be tourism.

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