Revolutionary new mobile phone service offered by Icelandair

IcelandairIcelandair customers can now enjoy a new service allowing them to see live and updated information about the status of Icelandair arrivals and departures and the airline’s entire upcoming timetable – using nothing more than an internet enabled mobile phone. The helpful new service now also makes it easy to check in for flights from a mobile, as well as giving useful Icelandair telephone numbers, such as the head office, baggage services and the customer club.

Icelandair passengers are already taking advantage of the special mobile service and the airline hopes many more will follow, pointing out that any internet enabled mobile will do. With the mobile phone service, it is possible to check in for flights from anywhere, up to 22 hours before takeoff.

An Icelandair spokesman said, “The ability to find so much information and services from a mobile phone only serves to improve Icelandair’s famous customer service still further”.

After mobile check in, passengers can then print their boarding passes at the airport self-service check in machines, or at Hilton Reykjavik Nordica Hotel.

Customers with hold luggage can register it at the airport’s self service machines and receive a ticket for each bag. Once passengers have checked themselves in fully, the bags are taken by Icelandair staff and sent on a special express conveyor. Those without luggage are free to go straight to the departures area.

The Icelandair Mobile address is (the service is currently only available to those able to understand written Icelandic).

Icelandair is Iceland’s biggest airline and now connects Reykjavik with 24 destinations in Europe and North America. Using Iceland as a stopover hub, Icelandair frequently offers the cheapest transatlantic flights. Further information on Icelandair, including flight bookings, can be found at