Inspired gaming machines now compatible with B2/B3

Inspired Gaming Group share priceThe leading provider of B2 and B3 Gaming Machines, Inspired Gaming Group, announced that its Open Server-Based Gaming (Open SBG) platform and content is fully fairness tested and compliant with the Gambling Commission’s technical standards for Category B2/B3 gaming machines.

Inspired has been working exclusively with the Centre for Advanced Software Technology (CAST) to ensure its Open SBG platform is fully compliant and all of its B2/B3 content has been fully fairness tested independently.

“We are very pleased to be associated with Inspired Gaming Group – they have demonstrated a dedication to best practice and continuous improvement in their drive to achieve full compliance,” said Richard Edwards from CAST.

Luke Alvarez, co-CEO of Inspired Gaming Group, added: “Ensuring our platform and content are fully compliant and tested is strategically important to the future of our business. We chose to work with CAST as they were the first to receive accreditation from the Gambling Commission and therefore have unrivalled experience in compliance testing.”

Visit the Inspired Gaming Group‘s website for more information on the deal and the current Inspired Gaming share price.