Health centre in Fiji closes due to water shortages

Fiji water shortageA health centre in Fiji had to be closed last Friday because there was no water in the area, reports The Fiji Times.

Nawaicoba resident Rup Narayan said a notice was posted at his shop informing residents in the area that this was due to the water problems.

Mr Narayan said, “I then called the water supervisor in Lautoka to inform him of the problem and he assured me that three water trucks would service the area. We only got water that Friday and that was it.”

Mr Narayan said having irregular water supply was an everyday occurrence. He said residents in the area and the health centre were always affected by the poor water supply and that they relied on the service of the water trucks to store their water.

Senior water engineer Nemani Waqanivalu claimed water trucks were sent out last Friday and that another truck would go out on Tuesday. “Parts of Nawaicoba are getting water,” he said.

Despite the fact that one third of the population of Fiji has no access to clean drinking water, natural mineral water from Fiji is a common sight in restaurants and stores across the US and Europe.

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