Reservations now required for Blue Lagoon

Blue_Lagoon smallAdvance reservations are now necessary for people wishing to swim in the Blue Lagoon’s turquoise waters this summer. This change is a direct result of the dramatic increase in the amount of annual tourists who visit this famous Icelandic landmark each year.

In a Pressan interview, public relations spokesperson Magnea Guðmundsdóttir said that a record number of visitors are expected this summer. In 2012, about 600,000 people visited the Blue Lagoon, while the million mark is expected to be surpassed by 2015.

Tourists will also be charged a fee to walk around the lagoon, which was previously free for visitors who did not enter the water.  Magnea Guðmundsdóttir justifies the change by saying that  it will protect the sustainability of the lagoon while making the swimming experience more enjoyable for visitors.

This man-made lagoon, with regulated temperatures of 37-39 degrees Celsius, is one of Iceland’s most popular attractions. It is also one of Iceland’s most recognizable landmarks as its picture often adorns guidebooks and brochures about the country.

Online booking forms and further details about these changes are available at the official Blue Lagoon website.


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