Danish Ozempic manufacturer building breaks out in large fire

On Wednesday 22nd May, a large fire broke out at Novo Nordisk, the manufacturer of the weight loss drug Ozempic, at the pharmaceutical group office building in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

The fire first involved 100 firefighters and was described as a “massive fire”. However, the first was “under control and we have gone down to about 30 firefighters” explained Martin Smith, Fire Brigade Chief of Operations.

According to Smith, the fire broke out in a container at Novo Nordisk’s construction site and then spread to the roof of an adjacent office building.

In a statement, Novo Nordisk claimed that the smoke was non-toxic and there were no injuries.

The Novo Nordisk headquarters is based in Bagsværd, a suburb northwest of central Copenhagen.

Image: © News Øresund – Johan Wessman