Google to build 240MW data center in Norway

Google Norway has officially announced that it is building a 240MW data center in the country, set to go live in 2026.

In a recent LinkedIn post by the Country Director for Google Norway, Tine Austvoll Jensen, Jensen said, “We have finally announced that we are investing €600 million ($646.4m) in the construction of a new data center in Skien. This will bring with it a number of positive ripple effects in the form of value creation and jobs both locally and nationally.”

This marks Google’s first data center in Norway, with Google first mentioning plans to build a Norwegian data center in 2022.

Google bought 200 hectares of land in Gromstul area of Skien, in the southern part of the country.

It was reported that the seller of the land was Leopold Løvenskiold, one of Norway’s largest forest owners.