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Bill to stop Quran burnings passed in Denmark

A new bill has been passed in Denmark, which now makes it illegal to burn copies of the Quran in public places.

The bill came to light after protests in Muslim nations raised security concerns in Denmark due to the Quran being publicly burnt by anti-Islam activists. These acts caused tension between the country and its Muslim communities, who demanded that the practice be banned.

The country first tried to strike a balance between constitutionally protected freedom of speech and national security. However, it was thought that this would trigger attacks by Islamist extremists.

Domestic critics in Denmark have argued that this new bill limits freedom of speech, which should include the freedom to critique religion.

Inger Stojberg, leader of the Denmark Democrats party, explains, “History will judge us harshly for this, and with good reason… What it all comes down to is whether a restriction on freedom of speech is determined by us, or whether it is dictated from the outside.”