1000 Krone note removed from circulation in Denmark

Denmark’s 1000 Krone note is set to be removed from circulation by May 2025, the Scandinavian country has recently announced.

Director of Nationalbanken, Christian Kettel Thomsen, commented, “With the evolution of Danes’ payment habits, the 1,000 crown note is no longer necessary.”

In Denmark, only 10% of payments in stores are made in cash as opposed to card. This amount is half as much as it was in 2017.

As part of the announcement, Nationalbanken set forth its  intention to continue the fight against economic crime.

“We are also listening to the concerns and wishes of the police, the financial sector and the retail sector… the 1,000 crown banknote is used to a greater extent than other banknotes in the framework of various forms of financial crime,” explained Nationalbanken.