Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games: Sweden shows interest in hosting 2030 games

Sweden has announced that it is showing serious interest in hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in 2030, which was confirmed on Sunday 12th November.

“We will now test the conditions for providing guarantees for the games. Financial guarantees, guarantees that the authorities cooperate with the organisers, and guarantees for safety,” stated Jakob Forssmed, Sweden’s Minister of Social Affairs and Sports.

The government explains that a prerequisite is that the games should be sustainable and cost-effective. “We need games that take place in democratic countries, which can be based on economic and environmental sustainability,” noted Forssmed.

In addition, Forssmed has confirmed that the country’s taxpayers aren’t intended to contribute financially to the Olympic budget, commenting that “The Olympic Games must stand on their own financial merits.”

Locations planned for the games include Stockholm, Åre, Östersund, and Falun.