Ingibjörg Sigurðardóttir: A Weekend of Triumph and Turmoil

Ingibjörg Sigurðardóttir: A Weekend of Triumph and Turmoil

Ingibjörg Sigurðardóttir led her team, Valerenga, to a Norwegian championship victory this past weekend in a remarkable display of resilience and sportsmanship. However, the triumph on the field was shadowed by distressing news from her hometown, Grindavík, which faced an emergency evacuation.

Speaking to RÚV’s sports division, Sigurðardóttir described her weekend as an emotional rollercoaster, juxtaposing the high of her team’s victory with the anxiety for her hometown’s safety. “It’s been quite the rollercoaster these last few days,” she admitted. “I’ve been glued to my phone, constantly refreshing the news and social media. There’s been a lot of stress building up. But then, getting some good news yesterday brightened my life and many others.”

The evacuation news came just before Sigurðardóttir was about to sleep on Friday night. “It’s very uncomfortable to be far away and not with your people. It was hard to sleep that night and challenging to psych up for a football match,” she shared during her interview.

Despite these challenges, Sigurðardóttir and her team clinched a 3-1 victory against Stabæk on Saturday. The win was especially sweet as their close contender Rosenborg could only manage a draw, securing Valerenga’s championship.

Reflecting on the match, Sigurðardóttir acknowledged her struggle. “Honestly, it was probably one of the worst games I’ve played in a long time. It was tough mentally. I was always thinking about whether everything was okay back home. Not being able to check my phone, take calls, or follow the news. It was a very long game, but I’m lucky to have great teammates. They helped a lot.”

The emotional impact of the weekend was evident as Sigurðardóttir expressed her gratitude for the support she’s received in Oslo. “Many here in Oslo are thinking of Iceland and Grindavík. They are sending their strength and good vibes. It’s essential for people to stand together and care for each other,” she concluded.

This win marks another milestone for Sigurðardóttir, who became a Norwegian champion in 2020. Her journey, marked by such contrasting experiences, is a testament to her strength and focus, both on and off the field.

Source: (Ríkisútvarpið (RÚV) – The Icelandic Broadcasting Corporation). Picture taken from the Valerenga website.