Weather in Norway: Country sees fourth wettest August since 1900

It has been reported by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute that last month saw the fourth wettest August in Norway since records began in 1900.

Despite rainfall being extremely high, the all-time wettest August occurred back in 1951.

According to Jostein Mamen, a climate researcher at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, “It’s seldom happened that as many records have been set as there have been in August…In August we’ve set over 100 rainfall records and over 50 temperature records.”

The majority of the records were set in areas caught up in Storm Hans, including Viken, Innlandet, Vestland, Oslo,  Agder, Trøndelag, Troms, and Finnmark. 

Despite the amount of rainfall and cold temperatures in the south of the country, the northern parts of Norway were unusually warm and fairly dry.