Ásgeir - Dans nos rêves (feat. Clou) (live at Hljóðriti)

Ásgeir Trausti teams up with French singer Clou

Icelandic musician Ásgeir Trausti Einars­son has teamed up with French singer Clou to release a new duet titled “Dans nos rêves” (In our dreams). The dreamy, ethereal track features both artists’ distinctive voices, creating a beautiful blend of Icelandic and French musical styles. The collaboration was born from a mutual appreciation for each other’s music. Ásgeir, who rose to fame in Iceland with his debut album “Dýrð í dauðaþögn” (In the Silence), is known for his haunting vocals and poetic lyrics. On the other hand, Clou has made a name for herself in France with her soulful, introspective music.

The new song, “Dans nos rêves,” is a perfect example of how different languages can create something wonderful. With its soft, melodic guitar and gentle percussion, the track is reminiscent of Ásgeir’s earlier work, while Clou’s delicate vocals add a layer of elegance and grace.
Fans of both artists are already raving about the collaboration, with many praising the way the two voices blend seamlessly. Some have even called for future collaborations between Ásgeir and Clou.

The new duet is available now on streaming platforms, and we are including the YouTube video here. With their unique voices and distinct musical styles, the two artists will continue captivating audiences worldwide.