Q4 2022 saw investments in Finnish real estate drop by 58%

According to a market report published by CBRE, investments in Finland’s real estate dropped by 58% in Q4 2022. The report indicates that the fall was caused by global inflationary pressure and rising interest rates.

A total of 973 million Euros were invested in real estate, with over a quarter of that total invested in office real estate, roughly 270 million. Almost 200 million Euros were invested in the health care real estate, and the remaining of the value was invested in residential real estate.

Despite this drop, investments in the first half of 2022 were the highest on record, reaching up to 4.53 billion Euros.

The report states that Finland should expect to see a drop in investments of about 5–10% for the first half of 2023.

The report does offer some more optimism, claiming, “There are several deals in the pipeline for the Finnish market, and the market activity is expected to pick up in 2023 from the [second half] of 2022 despite the weakened economic outlook and high uncertainty.”