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Passenger ship identity check requirement by Sweden extended to 2023

Sweden’s Government has announced that the requirement of checking identity when traveling by passenger ship will not expire before June 2023.

According to a press release put out by the Swedish Government, passengers on board ships are obligated to register their information about themselves via a valid identity document until June 2023, seven months longer than was previously in place.

“The tightening meant removing the restriction that this would only apply if, for the passenger ship’s journey, there was reason to assume that information provided without proof of identity could be incorrect,” states the Press Release.

The reason for this measure being introduced is an effort to keep public security intact. The Swedish Ministry of Justice noted that there was a severe threat to the country’s internal security due to the Russian invasion.

“The Russian invasion of Ukraine has, in addition to the human suffering that the war has brought with it, also created an extremely serious security situation in Europe. Since the Russian mobilization order, a large number of Russian citizens have left the country and applied to the EU. The risk of arms smuggling and human trafficking carried out by criminal networks exploiting the war is heightened,” explained the Ministry.