Wind hub in Baltic Sea to offset Russian gas approved by Denmark

Denmark and Germany have approved the building of an offshore wind power hub in with Baltic Sea to aid Europe in limiting its reliance on Russia for its gas.

An undersea cable spanning 470 kilometers is expected to run through the Baltic Sea, from the Danish island of Bornholm to northern Germany, supplying electricity to 4.5 million European households in 2030.

Robert Habeck, German Economy and Climate Minister, has described the project as a “flagship project”, stating, “With such projects among European partners, we achieve two key goals at the same time; European energy security and climate neutrality.”

Denmark currently has offshore wind energy capacities of 1.5 gigawatts, but this new project will increase the country’s wind power capacity to 3 gigawatts.

“International cooperation is more urgent than ever before to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to make Europe independent from Russian gas and oil,” explains Dan Jørgensen, Denmark’s Energy Minister.