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Man attempted to rob pharmacy in Iceland with toy gun

According to mbl.is, a man attempted to rob a drugstore in Iceland’s capital Reykjavík with a toy gun last weekend. The pharmacist working at the pharmacy stated that the man burst into the store and aimed the gun at him and the staff, demanding drugs.

“After this happened, I was a bit shocked. This is not an easy experience to go through,” comments Skúli Skúlason, a pharmacist at the store.

“It is unfortunate that this is really the situation some people find themselves in,” Skúlason explains; despite everything, he feels sympathy for the suspect.

Upon entering, the staff couldn’t initially see that the gun was a toy, but on closer inspection, it was clear the suspect was holding a toy gun.

“We saw that it wasn’t real when we had had some time to breathe, but then it was pretty obvious that it was a fake gun in his hands,” says Skúlason.

“When the intruder had his back to me, I jumped on him to take him down, which I managed. “I held him there until the police arrived.” Despite his actions, Skúlason noted that if it were a real gun, he wouldn’t have attempted the takedown of the suspect.