World’s most ambitious climate target set into law in Finland

Finland has passed a law that sees the country aiming to reach net-zero by 2035 and net negative by 2040, which is the world’s most ambitious climate target.

This ambitious target was based on an analysis set by a group of independent economists from the Finnish climate change panel. The panel figured out the country’s fair share of the 420 GT of carbon dioxide that the world can emit and still limit global warming to 1.5C.

Finland’s share of carbon dioxide was based on its population, its ability to pay to reduce emissions, and its historical responsibility for causing climate change.

Emma Kari, Finland’s Environment Minister, told Climate Home that it was “very important” that the target was set by researchers and people from the climate science community, commenting, “High-income countries have to take a progressive and active role when it comes to tackling climate change.”

Kari explained that the country’s target is “ambitious but achievable” as it has broad cross-party support.