Terje Lien Aasland named as Norway’s Minister for Petroleum and Energy

Terje Lien Aasland has been named as Norway’s Minister for Petroleum and Energy, replacing Marte Mjoes Persen, who will move into the Ministry for Labour and Social Inclusion.

The appointment of Aasland puts him in charge of Norway’s energy policy during a time of increased petroleum prices that have boosted the country’s state revenue while also increasing the domestic cost of electricity.

Speaking to Reuters, Aasland explains, “We want to be a predictable, safe supplier of gas to the European market, and it is especially important to show that at a time like the present situation we are in.”

Further commenting, “Norway is looking at how adjustments of the maintenance schedule at oil and gas fields as well as re-injection levels of gas could help secure more supplies to Europe.”

Aasland is a 16-year veteran member of parliament for Labour, where is currently chairs the energy and environment committee.