Vogue to launch first-ever Scandinavian edition of magazine

Popular fashion and lifestyle magazine, Vogue, is set to launch the very first Scandinavian edition of its publication, both digitally and in print.

Edited from Stockholm, Sweden, Vogue Scandinavia will represent all five Scandinavian countries and be published in English. The magazine will be primarily digital, but print versions are set to be published bi-monthly.

Vogue Scandinavia has also appointed a roster of expert contributors from the Scandinavian region who will cover various subjects from fashion and beauty to nature, music, and sustainability. Icelandic travel photographer and videographer Ása Steinarsdóttir will be one of the featured contributors, as well as Celine Aagaard, a Sustainability Expert in Sweden, and Sophia Roe, a Danish Fashion Editor.

Vogue Scandinavia aspires to become the most sustainable magazine ever produced, already being certified carbon neutral and plastic-free.

First published in 1892, Vogue Scandinavia marks the 27th international edition of the magazine.

Vogue Scandinavia is set to be released tomorrow.

Photo courtesy of Vogue Scandinavia