Bid to host European Handball Championships made by Norway, Sweden, and Denmark

Norway, Sweden, and Denmark have announced a joint bid to host the EHF (European Handball Federation) European Championships in either 2026 or 2028 under the moniker of “Scandinavia Connect”.

As part of the venture, the aim is to have innovation at the core of the Championships and capitalize on the modern-day opportunities that technology offers to handball, which will help handball have a stronger future in Europe.

“Now is the right time for Scandinavia to join forces,” explained Danish Handball Federation President Per Bertelsen.

“We believe we can build on the positive momentum we see in our sport. Together, we can deliver a world-class event that will be a true celebration for European handball,” continues Bertelsen.

Swedish Handball Federation President Frederik Rapp comments, “The commitment to finding sustainable solutions across all industries and areas of life is very clear in all of Scandinavia. To connect the Scandinavian approach and experience in sustainability with European handball is so valuable. Finding more sustainable solutions for future events could be a real game-changer for the future of our sport.”