Eimskip and Port of Aalborg Sign Port Agreement

The Icelandic shipping company Eimskip has signed a port agreement with Port of Aalborg, which will connect Aalborg to the sailing system of Eimskip. The agreement allows importers as well as exporters to route FCL dry as well as reefer containers via Port of Aalborg. The agreement is valid as long as the VSA between Royal Arctic Line and Eimskip is calling Aalborg. 

The new service is offered based on the VSA with Royal Arctic Line commenced for the last quarter of 2020 – calling Aalborg weekly as one of the ports for the vessels’ 3-week service rotation between Nuuk, Reykjavik, Reydafjordur, Thorshavn, Aarhus, Aalborg, Helsingborg, Aarhus, Thorshavn, Reykjavik, and Nuuk. Port of Aalborg is also accepted for all other ports serviced by Eimskip based on transshipment via an Eimskip terminal.

The new agreement has paved the way for even stronger connections to the North Atlantic with weekly connections for companies in northern and western parts of Denmark. The new agreement strengthens the entire container traffic to and from Aalborg, which will benefit companies in the entire region.

“We have worked closely with Eimskip through a long period of time and we are very satisfied that we now are able to take the next steps in our partnership, where we intensify our collaboration and help our common customers. Now that Aalborg is a part of Eimskip’s container route network, we have strengthened our container services in Aalborg. This has given companies in the northern and western Jutland a new and closely located access point that creates lots of new business opportunities. It optimizes transportation in terms of economy, while the agreement with Eimskip also relieves pressure on the road network benefitting the environment,” explained Commercial Manager at Port of Aalborg, Rasmus Munk Kolind.

The new route is a Full Container Load connection meaning that Eimskip will offer transportation of fully loaded containers to its customers. According to Rasmus Munk Kolind, this new opportunity will be especially relevant to the food industry in northern Denmark, where many companies have strong trading connections in both Iceland and the Faroe Islands, while customers working with dry cargo also will benefit from the new agreement.

Eimskip has seen a great potential in providing service for business in the northern and western part of Denmark via Aalborg:

“We are very pleased with the agreement with Port of Aalborg. We are fully aware of the strong local connections in the area focussing on the North Atlantic. Eimskip Group has been present with own office located at Port of Aalborg for many years with over 25 dedicated and very professional colleagues responsible for our business to and from Greenland handled by SHIP-LOG A/S and Atlantic Trucking offering LCL, FCL and special trucking services nationally as well as internationally,” says Managing Director at Eimskip Denmark A/S, Jesper Sandahl.

“For a long time, we have been looking at the opportunity to be present and connect Aalborg to the Eimskip sailing system, and we are in no doubt that this agreement will benefit the local business environment, Port of Aalborg as well as ourselves. Furthermore, the deal provides us with new business opportunities across ports on the continent, as well as in Iceland, Greenland and Faroe Islands,” adds Sandahl.