Car of Reykjavík mayor damaged by gunfire

The car of Reykjavík mayor Dagur B. Eggertsson was recently damaged due to gunfire, with local Police investigating whether the incident is in connection with an attack on the offices of the mayor’s political party, the Social Democratic Alliance, earlier this year.

Eggertsson told the Icelandic Broadcaster, RÚV, hat he refused to believe that the incident is linked to Icelandic politics. “As I stepped into the car, I noticed a hole in the center of the passenger door, which made me wonder. I contacted the Police, who reacted very quickly and professionally, took the car in for investigation, and on Sunday, we were notified that bullets had been found inside the door,” commented Eggertsson.

On 22nd January, shots had been fired at the office of the Social Democratic Alliance, breaking the building’s windows. According to Police, bullets were found at the scene, believed to have been fired from a handgun.

A statement from the Social Democratic Alliance reads, “No matter which political party we vote for, we must protect the foundations of democracy and must not accept attacks, threats, and menaces toward people involved in politics, or due to their political views.”

With no further information at this time, Chief Superintendent Ásgeir Þór Ásgeirsson stated that this is a priority case.