Age of Entanglements

Age of Entanglements opening in Malmö

Iceland based visual artist, Thomas Pausz, is exhibiting at “The Age of Entanglements”, a two-year bio-design project in which eight international design studios have used the planet Mars as a workspace for speculations. The exhibition opens up in Malmö Form / Design Center opening today.

This exhibition of artifacts and collages is part of the artists current series Context-Dependent, a speculative project on the possibilities of growing specific plant and algae species on Mars. The research is carried out in collaboration with Marine Biologists at the European Maritime Research Institute (IUEM) in France. Context-Dependent will also be exhibited at the Stockholm Design Week 2020.

The project is led and curated by Jenny Lee and Petra Lilja from non: agency.

Participating designers:

The Age of Entanglements, will be exhibited during Stockholm Design Week, 3 – 9 February 2020 at Volvo Studio.