Norse mythology published as divination cards

Llewellyn Publications will be publishing 81-card divination deck bringing the wisdom of Norse mythology to life. The decks are designed by Haukur Halldórsson, renowned artist and long-time participant of the heathen revival. The project is a cooperation between Halldorsson and daughter Gunnhildur Hauksdottir, both are  Icelandic artists living and working between Iceland, Denmark, and Germany.

“For the Yggdrasil deck, we came together with illustrations and their readings to enable the deciphering of past mythology and folklore,” said Halldórsson and continued “This has been an interesting project, two very different artists working on a project like this always brings different twists to the story and we can be very proud of the outcome”

Halldórsson is one of the original members active in reviving the traditional Nordic mythology of Iceland in the seventies and has devoted his art to Nordic and Northern European mythologies and folklore.

“I grew up in heathendom, surrounded by folkloric illustrations, stories, poems, and nature, so you can say it is in my blood,” said Hauksdóttir.