Man Who Escaped Low-Security Prison to be Extradited to Iceland Today

Sindri Þór Stefánsson, the man who escaped low-security prison and was arrested in Amsterdam, is on his way to Iceland today. This is reported by

In a long interview with the New York Times, Sindri says he regretted his actions immediately after he landed in Stockholm, but he escaped on 17th of April. He says he went hitchhiking from the prison to the town of Keflavík. From there he took a taxi to Keflavík International Airport.

Sindri Þór is to the left. He spent only 3 hours in Amsterdam before he was arrested. From Hafþór Logi’s Instagram haffilogi

The New York Times’ article goes in depth into Sindri’s problems, and the paper’s journalist asks Sindri about the computers he was suspected of having stolen. Sindri refused to talk about it. Instead, he said he regretted having caused his family such problems by escaping prison and leaving the country.

Sindri says he ordered the flight online from the prison, jumped out of a window and walked to Highway 1 where he hitchhiked to Keflavík.

When in Stockholm, he had taken a train, a taxi and a ferry through Denmark to Germany. He met people there who drove him to Amsterdam. He had only been in Amsterdam for three hours when he was arrested. Sindri claims he is happy that he is on his way home even though he will be arrested and put in jail again when he lands.