A heavy blow for a small community – Greenland rebuilds

Greenlanders struggle to get their lives back together and rebuild the small communities hit by the tsunami earlier this month. Four people who were in a house swept out to sea in the village of Nuugatsiaq are missing, presumed dead and many more lost their homes and were injured.

A wave of support organized by the Chess Club Hrokurinn, is bearing fruit with well over 20 million Icelandic krona accumulated with in a week in an impromptu community outreach in Iceland to help the people of Greenland. The chess club has long had a friendly relationship with chess clubs in Greenland with frequent visits and friendly chess tournaments.

On 18 june Greenland’s west and North-west coast was hit by a tsunami caused by an earthquake with caused huge landslide in a mountain in the area. Since the catastrophe people have been assessing the damage and national collections in Greenland and Iceland have been very responsive. Most of the donations are from individuals who make small bank transfers, but the city of Reykjavik donated four millions, Air Iceland Connect donated one million and Kivanis club 500.000 according to MBL’s report. “We are increasable grateful for the prompt respond of all the individuals, associations and firms that have donated, we are just getting started and we fully intend to keep supporting the rebuilding of communities in Greenland” Hrafn Jökulsson, spokes person for the outreach. He reassures that each and every krona gathers will go straight to support and aid in Greenland.

Those who want to donate from Iceland can transfere to account 0334-26-056200, with ID number 450670-0499 or call 907 2003, with each phone call 2500 kroners are transferred. For international transferes there is also an outreach in Greenland with SWIFT: GRENGLGX and IBAN: GL8764710001570134


Featured image: Village of Nuugatsiaq (Hrókurinn)