Big Eurovision day tomorrow – Svala is ready

Last night the opening ceremony of the Eurovision Song Contest took place in Kyiv with a red carpet event. Eurovision stars from 42 countries walked the red carpet in their best outfits, gave interviews to the press and met with excited fans according to the official website of the contest.

The 2017 Eurovisoin Song Contest in Kyiv, Ukraine is tomorrow and Iceland’s Svala Bjorgvinsdottir and her team is all set to perform her song Paper. When interviewed on the red carped yesterday she told reporters that she’s ready for tomorrow and super excited to perform. “The big day is tomorrow but today, Monday is no less important” she told reporters. Today the contesters perform before the judges who give their vote, which counts as 50% with the popular vote tomorrow making up the other 50%. Tomorrow night she will be the 13th contester to take the stage and then its up to the vote. “This is the longest red carped I’ve ever walked” Svala told reporters, “its incredibly long.” She certainly managed to charm reporters while walking the 250-meter long carped, sporting Icelandic design. “I’m wearing clothes by Yr Thrastardottir, her label is called Another Creation, its actually an over-all with a clip on skirt in case I want to dance” she informed reporters with a big smile.

(Image Svala, Facebook)