One might think summer has arrived in Iceland – But don’t be fooled.

There is an unusually warm air over Iceland these days and the predictions for the next few days look great. Yesterday the heat was spectacular in the Northeast so early in May. Asbyrgi saw almost 23 degrees Celsius, and the village of Husavik as well.

For some context; the warmest day for the entire summer in Iceland last year was measured at the airport in the town of Egilsstadir. That day was just under than 25 degrees Celsius and it was on 3 June – only two degrees warmer than yesterday in Husavik.

For the next few days it looks like the precocious warm weather will keep with a warm breeze from the south, maybe even over the weekend, although the weekend is likely to see some fog and not quite so high numbers in terms of temperature.

Alas the ever-elusive Icelandic summer I not here to stay. A cold wind is set to blow from the north in the middle of next week. The northern winds in Iceland are notorious from bringing cold and even snow into the Icelandic spring.