An earthquake rocks the town of Keflavik


A sharp earthquake of 4.3 magnitude shook the town of Keflavik this morning. The people of the town felt the earth shift sharply but the earthquake didn’t cause any major damage and no one was hurt. According to RUV’s report, Kristin Jonsdottir, geophysicist with the Icelandic Met Office, the area often sees tremors and small earthquakes, but they are normally originated a bit further away. The earthquake was more south of the usual source, southeast of Geirfugladrangi on the Reykjanes peninsula. That’s why the people of the town can feel it so clearly.

Earthquakes in the area are not uncommon, Ice News recently reported about an earthquake of 4.5 magnitude west of the Reyjanes peninsula.

Featured image shows the Reykjanesbaer municipality, of which Keflavik is part of.