Reports of Trump’s summit with Putin in Iceland retracted

Yesterday’s news reported an alleged meeting between President-elect Donald Trump and President Vladimir Putin in Reykjavik. The meeting was to take place within weeks of Trump’s inauguration as president and was said to revolve around the reduction of nuclear weapons among other things. Icelandic media picked the story up from a front-page story in UK´s Sunday Times where it was reported that Trump and Putin summit was to be on neutral ground, neither in Russia nor the United States of America and Reykjavik was a likely location, emulating the Reykjavik meeting between Regan and Gorbatsjov in 1986. The story has since been retracted by Reuters saying that “Two top aides to President-elect Donald Trump denied a published report on Saturday that he is planning to hold a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin weeks after taking office. … “The story is a fantasy,” one Trump aide told Reuters, speaking on condition of anonymity. Another said the report was not true.” The story none the less attracted quite some attention in Iceland and most news outlets reacted on it, only to retract it later.